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On the Wednesday before class, you will receive a final confirmation email with the address of the classroom we will be using 
for the class.  Classroom locations change depending on the needs of the class.  PLEASE MAKE SURE THAT info@coloradoconcealedcarry.com is added to your SPAM filter as a safe-sender to receive this confirmation email.  We will not use 
your email address to send you any other mail.


If for some reason you must make last minute changes the day of class, or must reschedule, call me at the number listed in your confirmation email.  For all other questions, please use the email link via the Contact page. 

For weekend classes please arrive at the classroom at 9:00 AM PROMPTLY.  Please do not arrive early.  The class will run through 3:00 or so and we do not break for lunch.  Bring whatever snacks and/or liquids you need to make it through the day.

Bring a baseball cap.  (This helps prevent ejected shell cases from dropping down behind your shooting glasses).  Bring shooting glasses and ear protection.  Ordinary glasses are acceptable.  If you do not have eye and ear protection, you will need to use the range's 

If you have a firearm that you wish to shoot with bring it to the classroom in some sort of case.  Be ABSOLUTELY sure 
that it is unloaded.  NO AMMO is allowed in the classroom.
Bring one box of ammo to shoot with, but leave it in your car until we reach the range.  

I do not recommend bringing a brand new firearm that you have never fired - unless this is your first time shooting.  Bring one that is sighted in, is in good working order, and that you are familiar with and have shot before.  It is not advantageous for you or I, for you to bring a brand new firearm that you have never fired.  You will just be frustrated on the day of class and it will be harder for me to teach you how to shoot it accurately. I can spend our time together getting you familiar with a new gun, or I can spend it teaching you how to shoot better, but we don't have enough time for me to do both.

If you do not own a firearm you may borrow my S&W M&P .22 provided you let me know in advance that you need to borrow it.  You can buy ammo at the range.

Come prepared to have a good time and to participate in class discussions.

The range (NOT THE CLASSROOM) is located at:

The Firing Line
20 S Potomac St
Aurora, CO‎ 80012.

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