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CCC is a group of NRA Certified Instructors in Colorado providing NRA Basic Pistol (meets the required training for the Colorado Concealed Carry permit) and NRA Personal Protection classes.

Kevin Holroyd

Chief Instructor

Kevin Holroyd has over 20 years of teaching experience in everything from Commercial Flight Instruction to Firearms.


He has been teaching the NRA Basic classes since the Shall Issue law was enacted in 2003. He is an NRA Certified Firearms Instructor, Range Safety Officer and is also a Retired Police Officer in the State of Colorado.

We are dedicated to our threefold purpose in teaching:


1) Safety.  Firearm safety is of utmost importance.  Every firearm accident is the either the result of ignorance - not knowing how to safely store and use firearms,  or carelessness- knowing the rules but not caring enough to follow them. 

Firearm safety rules have been written in blood.  According to The History Channel more people were killed in the migration west by their own firearms through accidents, then all the settlers ever killed by hostile Indians.

CCC is dedicated to making the community safer from firearm accidents through education.


2) Ethics.  At CCC we believe that every law-abiding American citizen has both the right and ultimate responsibility for his own safety and the safety of his or her family and friends. Although Law Enforcement makes every effort to respond to 911 calls, the Supreme Court of the United States has ruled it is a, "fundamental principle of American law that a government and its agents are under no general duty to provide public services, such as police protection, to any individual citizen" (Warren v. District of Columbia, 444 A.2d 1 (D.C. Ct. of Ap., 1981).  Ultimately the responsibility falls to each individual to be prepared to protect and defend themselves and their loved ones.

We at CCC are also deeply concerned about why each individual attending training for the purpose of obtaining a CCW permit wishes to carry a concealed firearm.  Each of us (at CCC) hope and pray that the last thing we will ever have to do is exercise our right to use deadly force to defend ourselves - we don't even want to have to show our firearm. 

We are dedicated, to the best of our ability, to screen those applicants who apply for training and to teach the ethics and laws involved in the use of deadly force.


3)  Accuracy.  Part of the ethics of discharging a firearm include the responsibility to make sure that your shots hit what you are aiming for and do not travel beyond the target to possibly strike innocent bystanders.  We teach "Defensible Accuracy", which is the ability to place all your shots into an 8 1/2 x 11 inch piece of paper at 15 feet or less.  This is a standard that is achievable by everyone with the proper training.

Courses Offered

  • NRA Basic Pistol - Instructor Led

  • NRA Basic Pistol - Blended

The NRA Basic Pistol Course is designed to benefit everyone.  It also qualifies as the required training to obtain your Concealed Carry permit in Colorado.

In the Instructor Led version - the instructor teaches all of the material from beginning to end.  In the Blended version, the student must first register and take an online course with the NRA that covers Firearm and Ammunition Fundamentals, take a test, and then finish the Shooting Knowledge and Practical Shooting portion with the instructor, in person.

  • Colorado Concealed Carry Pistol Course

This course can be more individually structured to the needs of the student.  It still meets the training requirement for the Colorado Concealed Carry permit.  Good for the 10 year re-training requirement under Colorado Law.

Why does CCC not offer the 4 hour Concealed Carry class that some other "Schools" offer?

I have been asked many times why other instructors offer a 4 hour, one evening, class to obtain the Colorado Concealed Carry Permit.  Those other instructors offer this course, which does not include any range time firing a pistol, as a basis for carrying a concealed weapon. 

When Colorado first adopted the Shall Issue amendment in 2004 I was told by both the NRA and Law Enforcement that those courses did not meet the training requirements specified under Colorado Law.   Yet, I have seen other instructors that do just that - offer the 4 hour course as a basis for the training requirement under Colorado Revised Statutes.  Whether or not this 4 hour class does or does not meet those requirements under the law I do not know, however, I choose not to do things that way.

Everyone can benefit from the training covered under our NRA Basic Pistol class - no matter what level of experience.  No one knows it all when it comes to firearms.  I have repeatedly had very experienced shooters tell me that they learned something new at the end of class - and often, I myself learn something from the students.

In addition, there are many case law instances where an instructor is held civilly liable for the actions of someone they have issued a training certificate to, regardless of any waiver signed.  I do not feel it is ethical or professional or in my best interest legally to sign such a certificate without having first worked with the student on the range.  And, only very rarely do I come across someone who I cannot help to become a better shooter through some little tip after I watch them shoot.

Last, but not least, I spend an hour or so covering the laws concerning Possession of Firearms in the State of Colorado and the Use of Deadly Force - something that very few other instructors can offer - in fact, they must be either a lawyer or a police officer to do this.

To sum up, everyone can benefit from our NRA Basic Pistol class - even those with much shooting experience.  We offer that class at a cost of approximately 1/3 of what others charge.  We feel that because of the unique material presented, and the relative cost of this course, that this is the best deal going out there.

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